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About RAPAX® Birds of Prey

Jean-Michel A.G. Defoirdt

Born on the 12th of July 1978 in Belgium.

It all started at the age of 6, I already had a few birds such as pigeons and a nightingale. And it didn’t stop. After I moved to Wallonia (French part of Belgium) at the age of 13 my collection always grew bigger.

My passion became my lifestyle

In 1998 I bought my first pair of barn owls and Pico, my male harris. The barn owls are sold now but the harris hawk is still my breedingmale.

To learn more about artificial insemination and breeding raptors, I moved abroad to work for IWC in Carmarthen, Wales, UK. I took many courses related on falconry and animal keeping.

I am certified and licensed to be a falconer and raptor breeder, farmer, beekeeper, forest keeper, horse breeder, animal transporter and welder (because I make my own aviaries). Feel free to talk to me in Dutch, French and English.


Falco Rusticolus

We have some parent reared gyr and imprints in both black and white morphes.


Falco pelegrinus babylonicus

We selected a nice breedingstock from totally unrelated birds from all over Europe. Some are F2 and F3 birds. RAPAX® Birds of Prey encourages natural incubation and rearing. Imprints possible on request.


Falco peregrinus peregrinus

Our peregrines are very well selected as well and from breeders all over Europe. We have tried to put good genes together and we have bred in the past some nice and big peregrines. RAPAX® can provide totally unrelated birds.


Falco jugger

RAPAX® Birds of Prey is supporting PROJECT LUGGER. (For more info : http://www.projectlugger.com ) We are taking part in this conservation program because these magnificent falcons must not disappear! All the luggers of the project will be DNA fingerprinted and genotyped in a combined research program on luggers by the University of Wageningen – The Netherlands


Parabuteo unicinctus

I imported my female harris hawk “Elleste” in 2003 from the USA. Pico is one of my first birds of prey I got in 1998-1999. They are well bounded and every year I have a limited number of offspring who are 100% incubated and reart by the parents. The weight from Elleste is up to 1400 grams and Pico is arround 900 – 920 grams.


Falco columbarius

The female is bred and male is flown by Jemima Parry-Jones MBE of the International Centre for Birds of Prey.


Falco tinnunculus

Unrelated couple of those small but real falcons

Question or info?

Please, send me an e-mail for inquiries  info@rapax.be or call   +32472477054

Nothing on this site may be reproduced or transmitted for public use,
without permission in writing from “RAPAX® Birds of Prey” in advance.